7 Ways To Transform Your Space On A Budget

7 Ways To Transform Your Space On A Budget

If you’re anything like us, you’re always thinking about the next reno project in your home or coming up with different ways to transform a space. Even when we feel like a room is complete, it’s only a matter of time before we want to refresh it again - especially when we’re always tempted by the never ending stream of beautiful interior inspiration and amazing home decor products available online! But doing a complete overhaul gets expensive right?! 

We’ve got you! We have a few tried and tested techniques to completely transform a space in your home on a budget. Yay! Try a couple of these thrifty tricks and get ready to say hello to a beautiful new home without breaking the bank in the process.

If you see a product or insta account that you like the look of, make sure you click on the links so you can take a closer peek. Enjoy!

1. Start Soft

Whether it's a living room, bedroom or hallway - adding some new soft furnishings into a space is an amazing way to breathe new life back into it. Think cushions, throws, blankets, bedding and ottomans. This is also a low commitment way to subtly switch up the colour scheme of a room. 

Some of our favourite places to source soft furnishings from are: @onyxandsmoke @rachelcastleandthings @7pmlinen @littlepeachandpip @feather_and_oak - plus our own collection of cushions and ottomans! Click here to take a look.


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2. Plants, Plants, Plants!

We all know that bringing the outdoors indoors has a whole heap of benefits, including boosting our mood and detoxifying the air around us. Plants also happen to look beautiful, add a wonderful splash of green and are super low cost.

We love to get our plants from local nurseries or farmers markets, then spruce them up at home by placing them in pots, planters or baskets. Check out our basket collection for a bit of inspiration! We also like to buy planters from @magnolia_lane_ and @thebeeskneescollective 


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3. Dried Flower Arrangements

Keeping plants alive not your thing? We get it! The good news is that dried flowers are having a huge thing right now, and for good reason! They look stunning, they require zero commitment or maintenance and they last for years and years.

Most florists now sell dried flower arrangements or dried palm fronds, but a few of our personal favourite places to source these are: @bloomjar @gather.store @magnolia_lane_ and @beach_to_bloom  

Images by @charlieandmarlow

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4. Rearrange The Room

Our top tip for transforming a space without spending a cent, is simply switching it up! Get those muscles fired up and see what you can achieve by rearranging your room where you can - repositioning the bed, sofa, dining table, art, lamps or rugs can make a whole world of difference. If you want to start small, try rearranging all the items on your shelves... and while you're at it you can take yourself a before and after #shelfie.

Images by @life.with.odeas 

5. Colour Block

We are big fans of a statement wall and adore the amazing decals and bold wallpaper we're seeing all over Instagram. However, the cost of fancy wallpaper and installation can definitely creep up on you, so if you're trying to stick to the budget then see what you can do with some good ole' fashioned paint instead. Paint one wall, or half of one wall, or a wardrobe, or a ceiling, or just paint yourself a shape! We are loving the look of the arches, circles and abstract shapes we are seeing painted on walls all over Pinterest and Instagram. Take a look at our favourites below to get some inspiration... 

Images by @hudson_and_harlow

Image by @thebearcubclub

Images by @our.peachy.days

Images by @threebirdsrenovations

Images by @sweetbungalow

6. Rug Up

The flooring in a space can have a huge impact on how a room looks, especially if it is outdated or in need of a little TLC. If you live in a rental or you're not planning a huge renovation overhaul, covering up the floor with a big beautiful rug is a guaranteed way to make a massive low commitment difference to your home! We pride ourselves in our incredible selection of rugs, so click here to see our cotton and jute rugs or click here to see our Moroccan vintage rugs

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7. Work The Walls

Swapping (or adding to) the wall decor in your home is a fun way to spruce up any room. Here are a few of our go to wall decor items: art prints, rattan mirrors, wooden display boxes & wall decor from @hunterandnomad; rainbows from @iron.and.cub; rattan swallows and animal heads from @sacredbundle; art prints from @karinajambrak @rachelcastleandthings @seascapeliving and @littlepeachandpip; neon name signs from @neonpoodle and wall flags from @kawaiian_lion!

Images by @house.of.cubs

Images by @our.peachy.days

Images by @bernadette_rose_photography + @hunterandnomad

Images by @hudson_and_harlow

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Want some more inspiration? Why not check out our inspiration pages that we have curated specifically for certain rooms in your home! Click here for Nursery, Girls bedroom, Boys bedroom, Living room and Playroom. You can also check out our Pinterest and Instagram accounts, which we add interior inspo to on a daily basis.

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