How To Create The Perfect Play Space

How To Create The Perfect Play Space

Creating the perfect play space for your little ones is one of those projects that will benefit you in so many ways. Firstly, they will love it! And we all love to do things that put big smiles on our kids faces. Secondly, YOU will love it - imagine a dedicated space that all the toys and books actually stay in... The living spaces in your home might actually go back to being the sanctuary like areas that you always wished they were, with no fear of stepping on lego or smudges of crayons on the carpet appearing out of nowhere... (well that's the plan, anyway).

The question is - how do you create the perfect play space? Check out our top tips below, along with a bunch of gorgeous images and product ideas to help you get inspired. 

Image by @sweetlittlestory featuring our Cross Weave Baskets

Stay on trend

Just because it's for your littles, it doesn't mean it can't be stylish! We have applied some of our favourite trends to our kids items, such as our Mini Sol Rattan Doll Bassinet, so that your style can flow seamlessly throughout your house with no exceptions.

Keep it tidy

Storage is key when it comes to creating the perfect playroom. Books, toys, games, crafty bits and everything in between certainly takes up a lot of space, so your future self will thank you for taking the time to add effective ways to keep it all tidy. We love the way that Yasmin from @yasmindost and Isabel from @house.of.cubs have incorporated a variety of storage in these gorgeous play spaces to beautifully display (and conceal!) all their kiddies play things. Plus, how good do our rattan rainbow, rattan sun mirror, rattan moon mirror and jute rug look in these rooms?! For unique storage ideas, check out our new wooden bookshelf, wooden display boxes and rattan and raffia baskets.

Make it comfy

If you want your littles to really fall in love with a space, then it has got to be comfortable - as this will allow them to spend hours on end here. It's also ideal for you and your other half, as you will inevitably be spending lots of play time or story time in here too! Our Dot Ottomans, Dot Cushions and Shell Cushions are the perfect solution to child and adult friendly comfort, and come in a variety of fun hues to go with any colour scheme. Don't they look gorgeous in these spaces by @mrs.kapel and @ohi_beachhouse!

Try out some hacks

Ever had one of those moments where you see a cute cubby house or toy kitchen, but think "I wish it wasn't that ugly colour" - well it's time to do something about it! There are so many crafty and inspirational Mamas on Instagram at the moment that are upcycling and hacking every day play items from shops like Kmart, Ikea and Target, and turning these items into something beautiful! Check out some of our favourite examples from DIY hacking queen @thefrenchfolk below...


Let your little ones help

When creating a space for your kids, getting them involved will add to the fun and allow them to add their own spin on it. We're not saying give them full creative control, but adding some of their art to the walls with our sweet leather poster hangers is a great personal touch. We are also huge fans of our new wooden display boxes, the perfect place for your little ones to display all of the treasures and trinkets they find on their adventures.

Make it colourful

The best way to make a space fun and kid friendly? Colour of course! We love how @catja_em and @teamtonkin have incorporated a beautiful variety of colour pops into these inviting play spaces. If you're not up for painting walls, try to add some colour with soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions.

Take it outside

If you're running short on space inside, how about creating an outdoors play space or cubby house for your little ones? This cubby house by @the.quinn.girls featuring our Rattan Swing Chair is an absolute childhood dream come true!! We also adore the cute cubby house created at @ohi_beachhouse where you can see a little snippet of our bunny mirror and round jute rug

There you have it! A few of our favourite tips to create the perfect play space for your little ones. We hope you enjoyed our post and are feeling inspired to tackle a new creative project in your home.

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