Mother's Day Special - Nursery Reveal with Stacey, owner of Feather & Oak

Mother's Day Special - Nursery Reveal with Stacey, owner of Feather & Oak

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a joyous and transformative experience. It brings with it the excitement of creating a nurturing and inviting nursery space, not just for the newborn but also for the entire family. In this blog post, we have the pleasure of hearing from a wonderful mom, Stacey, who recently welcomed her beautiful son, Jasper, and transformed their nursery with the addition of our rust dot rug. Stacey shares her insights and experiences, providing valuable advice for other parents looking to create a harmonious and functional nursery space.


How are you feeling after welcoming beautiful Jasper into your life?
It’s been nearly six months now since Jasper came into our lives. Despite some challenges along the way, having him in our lives has brought so much extra love, joy, and excitement. He's such a precious addition to our family, and we're completely smitten with him. It's been a whirlwind of emotions, but I'm beginning to rediscover myself and emerge from that post-partum blur.

How has the transition been for your older children since welcoming the new baby into the family?
The transition has been relatively smooth for everyone. The older three are naturals when it comes to taking care of Jasper. They’re often arguing over whose turn it is next for a cuddle! They know his routines & when he’s ready for a feed or sleep or if he’s just bored & needing attention etc. Hubby and kids have been incredibly supportive, taking on extra chores and tasks where I've had to let things go in those initial months when it can all feel a bit much. I'm truly grateful for their support in keeping our household functioning smoothly. Running my business alongside everything else has proven to be more challenging than anticipated. It's had to take a back seat for a while, but I'm confident I’ll be back in the flow of it all again soon.

Can you share any special moments or interactions between the new baby and your older children that have stood out to you?
While there aren't any huge standout special moments that I am conjure up at the moment, the daily stream of sweet interactions are so precious. Towards the end of the pregnancy, our 14-year-old son crafted a wooden car for Jasper, a toy I didn't expect Jasper to enjoy until much later, yet it became his favorite at five months old. It's heartwarming to see this knowing it was handmade by his brother. Also, our 17-year-old daughter has taken a few trips away from the family since Jasper was born. Each time she’s been away, she misses him dearly & will always requests photos and videos of him. A little “Jasper-fix” to get her through.

How has the addition of the rust dot rug transformed the overall look and feel of the nursery?
Before our rust dot rug arrived, the nursery felt incomplete. The furniture seemed out of place and needed something to anchor it all. Once the rug arrived, it transformed the room, making it feel cozy and cohesive. Suddenly, the carpeted area became inviting and usable, rather than just a space to walk on. It became a spot to lie down beside Jasper, read him a book, or play with toys. It was the perfect finishing touch to the nursery.

What drew you to choose the rust dot rug for the nursery, and how does it complement the neutral theme of the room?
My first priority when choosing a rug was that it needed to be soft & cozy & this certainly ticked that box! Secondly, I adore the neutral tone of the rug. With the bedroom carpet being dark, I wanted something light to counterbalance and expand the space. The rust dots were an ideal touch, complementing the nursery's brown accents perfectly. The gorgeous design not only ties everything together beautifully but also cleverly disguises any potential marks that may occur on the rug over time. The generous size of the rust dot rug was also a big draw card for me & to top it off, it’s machine-washable!

What advice would you give to other parents who are looking to create a harmonious and functional nursery space for a new baby?
I'm not particularly fond of vibrant colours; I lean towards soft, neutral, and earthy tones as they evoke a sense of calm for me. I opted to keep our nursery simple and free of unnecessary clutter. My advice would be to prioritize your main furniture pieces first to establish your foundation. For me, selecting the cot and rocking chair provided a starting point, determining the warmth and tone of the timber. From there, I incorporated flax, warm whites, husk, and brown accents across various elements such as the rug, paint choices, bedding, cushions, throws, artwork, and toys. This approach ensured a cohesive and soothing aesthetic throughout the nursery.


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