Our 11 Must-See Kids Bedrooms

Our 11 Must-See Kids Bedrooms


Hunter & Nomad's 11 Must-See Kids Bedrooms

Do you agree that when styling our children's bedrooms we do it for them as much as we do it for ourselves? Surely, I am not the only one who packs in there what I loved or missed when I was a child? ;-) And while incorporating their interests and wishes, I also want to make sure that their space fits our home. Are you with me on that? ;-)
So, what makes a great kid's bedroom? Our team has identified FIVE MUST-HAVE CATEGORIES that all of the below bedrooms tick perfectly:
1. It has to be FUN!!
2. It needs to represent the child's CHARACTER.
3. It should have several DISTINCT AREAS & PLAY SPACES.
4. COZY CORNERS are a must for quiet & snuggle time.
5. It must have STORAGE (a parent's requirement for sanity)!!!
Check out these amazing kids' spaces and get inspired! If you do have a created an amazing room (and it does not have to be a children's space :-)), please let us know, tag us and use #stylingwithhunterandnomad. We'd love to feature your space and you could win a refund of your last Hunter & Nomad order.
Lots of love, 
Annemarie xx


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Ogee Rattan Mirror Mustard Shell Cushion Blush Pink Chest of Drawers Large Wooden Peg Rack

1. AILEE'S ROOM by Camille @jaleemom

AILEE'S ROOM by Camille @jaleemom - 1

AILEE'S ROOM by Camille @jaleemom - 2

AILEE'S ROOM by Camille @jaleemom - 3

AILEE'S ROOM by Camille @jaleemom - 4

2. CASPIAN'S ROOM by Sarah @sarah.pickersgill.brown

CASPIAN'S ROOM by Sarah @sarah.pickersgill.brown - 1

CASPIAN'S ROOM by Sarah @sarah.pickersgill.brown - 2

CASPIAN'S ROOM by Sarah @sarah.pickersgill.brown - 3

CASPIAN'S ROOM by Sarah @sarah.pickersgill.brown - 4

3. ALASKA'S ROOM by Kyree @misskyreeloves

ALASKA'S ROOM by Kyree @misskyreeloves - 1

ALASKA'S ROOM by Kyree @misskyreeloves - 2

ALASKA'S ROOM by Kyree @misskyreeloves - 3

ALASKA'S ROOM by Kyree @misskyreeloves - 4

4. WOODY & TUCKER'S ROOM BY AMBER @my.little.cutie.pies

Hunter & Nomad - WOODY & TUCKER'S ROOM by @my.little.cutie.pies - 1

Hunter & Nomad - WOODY & TUCKER'S ROOM by @my.little.cutie.pies - 2

Hunter & Nomad - WOODY & TUCKER'S ROOM by @my.little.cutie.pies - 3

5. HARLOW'S ROOM by Krystal @houseofharvee

HARLOW'S ROOM by Krystal @houseofharvee - 1

HARLOW'S ROOM by Krystal @houseofharvee - 2

HARLOW'S ROOM by Krystal @houseofharvee - 3

HARLOW'S ROOM by Krystal @houseofharvee - 4

6. MINNIE'S ROOM by Kristy @minnieandmeinteriors

MINNIE'S ROOM by Kristy @minnieandmeinteriors - 1

MINNIE'S ROOM by Kristy @minnieandmeinteriors - 2

MINNIE'S ROOM by Kristy @minnieandmeinteriors - 3

MINNIE'S ROOM by Kristy @minnieandmeinteriors - 4

7. INDIE'S ROOM by Shannon @ourperthreno

INDIE'S ROOM by Shannon @ourperthreno - 1

INDIE'S ROOM by Shannon @ourperthreno - 2

INDIE'S ROOM by Shannon @ourperthreno - 3

8. IVY & FLYNN'S ROOM by Tegan @tegan_jean

IVY & FLYNN'S ROOM by Tegan @tegan_jean - 1

IVY & FLYNN'S ROOM by Tegan @tegan_jean - 2

IVY & FLYNN'S ROOM by Tegan @tegan_jean - 3

IVY & FLYNN'S ROOM by Tegan @tegan_jean - 4

9. RIVER'S ROOM by Jesse @lifeofriverandiluka_

RIVER'S ROOM by Jesse @lifeofriverandiluka_ - 1

RIVER'S ROOM by Jesse @lifeofriverandiluka_ - 2

RIVER'S ROOM by Jesse @lifeofriverandiluka_ - 3

RIVER'S ROOM by Jesse @lifeofriverandiluka_ - 4

10. OLIVER'S ROOM by Nancy @__thenguyens

OLIVER'S ROOM by Nancy @__thenguyens - 1

OLIVER'S ROOM by Nancy @__thenguyens - 2

OLIVER'S ROOM by Nancy @__thenguyens - 3

OLIVER'S ROOM by Nancy @__thenguyens - 4

11. AVIE'S ROOM by Bek @bekhalliday

AVIE'S ROOM by Bek @bekhalliday - 1 AVIE'S ROOM by Bek @bekhalliday - 2

AVIE'S ROOM by Bek @bekhalliday - 3

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