Our Top 8 Colourful Kids Bedrooms

Our Top 8 Colourful Kids Bedrooms

We all know colour can make a really big impact on a space, but did you know that colour can influence your child's feelings and emotions? Bright colours tend to make children feel happy and excited, while more subdued colours can help them feel calmer and relaxed.

Of course, every child is different and some may react differently to certain colours than others. It's important to experiment with different colour schemes until you find one that works best for your child.

Let us inspire you to choose the right colour for your next kids' room make-over with our Top 8 Colourful Kids Bedrooms.

1. Green inspired bedroom by @house.of.cubs 

The colour green is very prominent in this gorgeous boy's bedroom. 

  • Scientists have found that green could improve a child’s reading speed and comprehension. 

  • Green has a calming and soothing impact on a child.

  • Symbolises nature and promotes a serene and calming environment.

Featuring our Taupe checkered Rug in the large size.

2. Purple hues by pania_miajade.

Talk about a colour fun bedroom! There is so much colour in this room, but purple is definitely standing out. 

  • The colour purple inspires sensitivity, and spirituality.

  • Purple can create calmness

  • It is said to encourages creativity

  • It can also relieve tension

Featured in this bedroom is our large rust dot rug

3. Tones of blue by @thedarlingassembly.

Erin from The Darling Assembly created this modern, yet warm and inviting bedroom space for her Leo. 

Blue is a great colour if your child needs a calming environment.

  • Blue has the ability to decrease feelings of anxiety.

  • It can calm the mind and body.

  • Creates a sense of well-being.

Featuring our round rust dot rug.

Close up of kids bed

Blue inspired kids bedroom

4. Orange accent colours by @tegan_jean.

This fantastic shared bedroom space has lots of different colours, however orange is coming back in lots of different ways; the bedding, the cute wall decals and toys. 

Orange is a bright and welcoming colour.

  • It is said to encourage independence and extroversion.

  • It helps with interpersonal communication.

  • Helps feeling children more at ease.

Featured in this room is our blue checker rug.

5. Pink and blue inspired girls bedroom by @meishaclaire and @thebahancollective.  

This very pretty and bright looking beach inspired bedroom has the perfect mix of pink tones and textures.

  • Pink creates a calm atmosphere (don't go crazy with pink though as it can evoke irritation and anxiety if you us too much of it.)

  • It can lead children to behave in more caring and considerate ways.

  • Pink evokes femininity.

Featured in this room is our mustard dot rug.

6. Brown and green bedroom space by @hunterandnomad.

We created this pretty gender-neutral bedroom space and absolutely love this colour combination. 

  • Brown is said to make children feel more grounded.

  • Warm colours like brown inspire happiness and comfort.

7. Warm and inviting bedroom by @maddisoneblack.

Yellow accent colours in this room make it a happy and fun space.

  • Yellow has the ability to increase concentration

  • It is associated with feelings of happiness

  • It encourages creativity and motivation

8. Multi-coloured bedroom space by @thefrenchfolk.

Last but not least a stunning bedroom with gorgeous pastels and happy shades.

Featured in this space our new multi-coloured diamond rug.

To conclude, it is important that you listen to your child when deciding on colours, ask them how different colours make them feel and what their needs are. But most of all, have fun experimenting and make it a memorable moment you and your child will both cherish. 

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