Styling a Playroom with Jess from Lifeofriverandiluka_

Styling a Playroom with Jess from Lifeofriverandiluka_

If you are looking for some inspiration for a playroom then keep reading, because this EPIC space is going to blow your mind! 

We spoke to Jess from @lifeofriverandiluka_ after her amazing playroom reveal. Everyone went crazy over it and we totally understand why! This room is another level of magic and really every child's dream play space!


What was your inspiration for this room?

Inspo was to have as many sensory elements that kids would play with every day. Inspo is always scandi/Nordic as I just love that it fits into my home interiors. Main factors were to have great storage, sensory based and just all round fun :).
What were the three essential things the playroom needed to have?

Storage! For me storage is what makes me stay in control of the toys. Everything has a place that allows me to still keep my interiors in order.

A swing/hanging equipment for spinning. It’s not needed for everyone what for my son having sensory issues this was important. The swing helps regulate himself on the hourly. Best investment!

A rug. You want your kids to be comfortable enough to chill out and read/play on a soft surface.
How do you start the design process? Give us a little insight on how you create all your magical spaces.
I always start with Pinterest or Insta hashtags. When searching I don’t always search “playroom” I look at different materials or structures in a range of interiors. I love scandi or Nordic interiors which a lot of the time have great shelving ideas.

What do you like about the Hunter + Nomad rug in the space?

I love that it’s the perfect size for the space and that the colours match my other decor. It’s super soft and washable which every person needs!

Do you have any more exciting interior projects planned?

I do! I have a laundry reveal. We have a tiny space that I’ve made into something pretty special! Think arch shelving :)

Also Ilukas cubby that will revealed on her third birthday (End of April).

Name 3 Instagram accounts that inspire you.

@tthese_beautiful_ thingss
@Smout_ property

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  • Jennah Larsen

    Where did you get the slide? Is it painted to be white? Finding neutral slides for an indoor playroom is so hard!

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