Styling Spaces with Mel from @teamtonkin

Styling Spaces with Mel from @teamtonkin

It's no secret that we have a major crush on the amazing spaces that stylist and photographer Mel from @teamtonkin creates. We've been lucky enough to see some of our favourite products styled in her home and we're always blown away with the imaginative way that she teams them with other colours, patterns, textures and layers that create such a signature unique look. Her instagram account has been one of our go-to destinations for inspiration for a long time now - not just for styling tips, but also for discovering other incredible and eclectic small businesses. It was only a matter of time before we got Mel on our blog to discuss all things styling!

Check out the interview below, featuring a juicy insight into her personal style, her top tips when styling a space, her favourite instagram accounts, her favourite home decor brands, her favourite items in her home and so much more! We hope you enjoy having a good scroll and that you fall in love with Mel's style as much as we have.


Tell us a bit about yourself and where your love of styling came from?

I have always loved the power a space has to make you feel a certain way. A well styled space can evoke feelings of calm or happiness and a poorly styled one can make you feel uninspired and heavy. For this reason I think it’s crucial to get a space perfectly styled for you. 

How would you describe your style?

Hmm that’s a tricky one. Firstly I’d say relaxed, I want my spaces to feel lived in and loved. I love boho vibes but styled and paired in a more sophisticated slightly modernised way. And lastly I love the straight lines and simplicity of mid century styling. I love a space to feel like a giant hug and an always drawn to a warmer palette but love it to be bright and light to help me feel productive and inspired. Add all that together and I guess that’s my style!

Where do you get all of your inspiration? 

I get inspiration from anywhere but if I’m stuck on a space or trying to DIY something, Pinterest is my #1 friend. I love that you can find pretty much everything on there. 

What are your current favourite interior related instagram accounts?

@sarahshermansamuel is my absolute fav. Feel like I could just live in her house and her style is just perfect. 

What are your current favourite home decor businesses?

Well obviously Hunter & Nomad! Especially for the most perfect children’s pieces. The round swing is my absolute favourite piece and honestly would make any space feel next level amazing! I love all the furniture pieces by @sarahellisonstudio. For linen I love all things @sageandclare @kipandco and @rachelcastleandthings. As well as can’t go past the soft furnishings by @onyxandsmoke. Those products are seriously built to last!!!!

What are your current favourite items in your home?

I have some wooden boxes my dad made for me years ago. He has since passed and these will forever be my most treasured pieces. Also as I said our round swing which I would honestly have multiple of them if that wasn’t weird. Also loving my new couch by @blacksaltco that just arrived for my new poolhouse. Cannot wait to show you that!!! 

What are your top tips for styling a room?

Make sure you know the feeling you want from the room and only bring pieces in which work with that. Pick your palette and pick your pieces around that. I always find it easy to choose either a rug, artwork or linen first and then base everything else around that. 

Now that most of us are forced to stay home, do you have any tips for a good Spring Clean during this time of isolation?

Haha cleaning isn’t really my strong point. Honestly if you met me you would quickly realise that my life is complete and utter creative chaos. Soooo not the best person for cleaning and organising advise. Obviously living in a tiny house with two hoarder children doesn’t help but I’m still trying to find balance with a creative business that involves the accumulation of stuff and constantly rearranging things I feel like I am often fighting a losing battle and honestly now I’m just trying to get to the point that I’m ok with things not being perfect. One thing I have always stuck to in my house though is don’t have anything you don’t absolutely love, or as Marie Kondo would say ‘sparks joy’!


Get the look!

A few of our Hunter & Nomad items that have been featured in Mel's beautiful home: Rattan Swing Chair, Round Dot Rug, Rattan Shell Mirror, Black Dot Cushion, Rattan Moon Mirror.

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