Top Tips On Styling A Nursery With Bek Halliday

Top Tips On Styling A Nursery With Bek Halliday

The absolute best thing about Instagram is discovering and connecting with amazing accounts that fill you with inspiration each and every day! So we thought we would share with you one of our favourite accounts that we have come across - the lovely Bek Halliday. Bek is a stylist, an artist and a Mama of 2 girls (with another due in April!). She is our go-to account for interior inspo and creates the most dreamy spaces around her home, and her nursery is no exception! 

With a background in interior design and an incredible ability to source unique items from small businesses, we thought Bek would be the perfect person to share some top tips on styling a nursery, for all you Mamas and Mama-to-be's out there. We hope you enjoy reading our interview with Bek below!


For our friends and connections that may not already know who you are, please can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family...

We live in a coastal town on the NSW Central Coast and absolutely love where we live! I am married to the love of my life and we are blessed with two sweet girls, and another one on the way. I run a creative business called Bek Halliday Art, selling my original art and prints for kids rooms, and am also a product stylist.

How did your journey on Instagram begin?

My journey on Instagram started 4 years ago and has grown to a place that I am tremendously proud of. I may not have topped over 100k followers yet, but I am so proud of what I have achieved so far, and have a wonderful network of supportive followers.

The way you style your home is absolutely stunning - where did your love of styling and photography come from?

I have always been passionate about styling and design. I actually studied Fine Art and Interior Design but I have found my own natural talent develop over the years to something that is uniquely me. I love photography too! And am developing my skills and knowledge through practice and just getting the camera out and having a go.


How did you go about creating your nurseries for your girls?

My girls have a shared bedroom which I just adore! Its a great size and has so much beautiful natural light. I knew my starting base was a panelled feature wall painted white. I also wanted to create a half painted feature colour in a soft muted, dusty pink. From there I gathered inspiration from Pinterest and my own artworks to decide on a colour palette. White, soft dusty and peachy pinks with a hint of pale blue.
My nursery is currently at the end of our bedroom (luckily our room is a great size!) and also features that beautiful panelling which I adore so much. I love natural cane furniture and knew I wanted a cane bassinet so that was my starting point. I saw another nursery styled in peachy pink tones and soft green and fell in love with the colour palette! More and more pink has inevitably entered the space as I cant help myself..I love dusty peachy pink tones!

What are your top tips to styling a nursery?

Keep a nursery simple and serene. It should be a space of peace and tranquility for baby. Think soft colour palettes, crisp whites and natural linens. Less is more.
I like to design my spaces with a touch of whimsy and often use natural twigs and fairy lights.

Is there anything you would avoid doing when styling a nursery?

Don't use black, harsh or bold patterns and colours. Keep it serene.

What are your favourite items in baby number 3’s nursery?

Everything! Haha. Absolute favourite items are my beautiful Sol Bassinet from Dutch Warehouse for sure! My white rug from Sheridan, the mix of gorgeous linens I have collected, the Llama print from Wool and Willow and my beautiful change table and baskets from Raja Homewares.

We noticed that you incorporate a lot of beautiful products from small businesses, we’d love to know who your 5 favourite small business brands are at the moment?

Oh there are so many to list! But I am loving...
Dutch Warehouse - obviously!

Which are your favourite items by Dutch Warehouse?

The Sol bassinet, the dot rugs and the moon mirror!


We adore the artwork that you create, please can you tell us more about your inspiration behind your pieces and where our readers can get their hands on some for themselves?

I love to create whimsical pieces with a natural flora element. I love flowers, soft blowing seed pods, and little fairy pixies. They are designed to grow with your sweet babe into toddler life and beyond so aren't traditionally babyish.
My works are soft and delicate with attention to fine detail and are all hand designed and painted by myself.
They start at a sweet A5 size and go right up to a beautiful 50x70 poster size.
You can shop my whole range at and follow my creative journey on Instagram and Facebook!
Bek's "Flora Lune" art pictured above - click here to shop!

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