Which Master Bedroom Style Are You?

Which Master Bedroom Style Are You?

Which Master Bedroom Style Are You?

Which Master Bedroom Style Are You?

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At the end of a long day, your master bedroom should be a serene and comfortable sanctuary where you can relax, reflect and snooze the night away. We believe it should also be a beautiful and personal space, one that perfectly suits your style - as you are the one that spends the most time in it! The question is, which master bedroom style are you?

With so many incredible interior trends out there, it can be difficult to select a favourite and maintain a cohesive vibe for your room without getting distracted by another. To help you work out what style would best transform your bedroom from four walls into a sanctuary of dreams, we have put together a selection of our favourite master bedroom styles inspired by some of our gorgeous customers and creatives. If you see a product or account that you like the look of, make sure you click on the link to take a closer look!

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1. Moroccan

Get inspired: Pinky hues, arch inspired shapes, raw finishes, cacti and of course... Moroccan fabrics! 

Get the look with Hunter & Nomad: Tudor Mirror, Tudor Mirror full length, Moroccan Vintage Rugs, Moroccan Vintage Floor Cushions, Cotton Rugs, Lagom x Hunter & Nomad Art Prints.

Images by: @houseofcubs and @wyldefolkstudio_


2. Colourful Luxe

Get inspired: Bold and beautiful colours, brass or gold touches, luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk and thick cottons, lots of mirrors, contrasting patterns and textures.

Get the look with Hunter & Nomad: Moroccan Vintage Floor Cushions, Rugs, Moroccan Vintage Rugs, Michael Black Art Prints, Dot Ottomans, Shell Cushions, Mirrors.

Images by: @teamtonkin @houseofharvee @villastyling



3. Feminine & Dreamy

Get inspired: Lots of white and pale pink or peachy pastels, soft white linen bedding, flowing sheer curtains, cosy cushions and blankets, soft florals such as cotton branches. For that extra dreamy factor, add a statement piece of furniture like our white rattan swing chairs.

Get the look with Hunter & Nomad: Diamond & Dot Rugs, White Rattan Swing Chairs, Dot Ottomans, Dot Cushions, Lagom x Hunter & Nomad Art Prints.

Images by: @the.quinn.girls @catja_em

4. Natural

Get inspired: Dried palm fronds and pampas grass, natural textures such as jute and linen, all things rattan, mirrors, natural colour palette including hues like terracotta, beige, sand, brick, cream and white, natural trinkets like shells, neutral ceramics and wooden furniture.

Get the look with Hunter & Nomad: Rattan Mirrors, Rattan Furniture, Rattan Swing Chairs, Rattan Wall Decor, Baskets, Jute Rugs, Cotton Rugs, Moroccan Vintage Rugs, Cushions and Ottomans.

Images by: @wyldefolkstudio_ @villastyling @the.quinn.girls



5. Bohemian

Get inspired: Warm and earthy colour palettes, draping fabrics and messy beds, hanging furniture, lots of plants or dried flowers, contrasting patterns and textures, plenty of decorative trinkets, colourful rugs, decor inspired by the shapes of nature, soft lighting.

Get the look with Hunter & Nomad: Shell Cushions, Moroccan Vintage Rugs, Moroccan Vintage Floor Cushions, Cotton Rugs, Ottomans, Moon Mirror, Shell Mirror, Art Prints, Rattan Swing Chairs.

Images by: @teamtonkin @sonshine_lovers_ @lullabyclub @wyldefolkstudio_ 

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